There's confusion about "orphan" and "inactive" wells in Alberta---both in terms of their definition and their numbers.

  • The following offers clarification.


How many "orphan" & "inactive" oil & gas wells are in Alberta?


  • Fuzeium developed a dashboard that illustrates the inventory of Alberta oil & gas wells that are inactive (non-producing) or orphaned (no longer an owner).
  • This was done by interpreting data published by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).  The information is current to the date on the dashboard below.


  • According to the AER's data, the number of inactive wells in Alberta is about 90,000.
  • And about 4,700 wells are "orphaned", the majority of which would be in the 90,000 inactive.


Feel free to interact with the dashboards below. "Full Page" mode is helpful.




  • Inactive wells in Alberta have not produced in at least 6 months (if deemed high risk) or 12 months (if deemed lower risk).
  • The majority of inactive wells will never produce again.  They need to be decommissioned.
  • Decommissioned means that the well itself is to be properly "abandoned" (e.g. cut and capped) and the associated land "reclaimed" to its original purpose (e.g. farming).
  • Wells that do not have an owner, as in the company is defunct, become "orphaned".
  • Many orphans wells are inactive (and needed to be decommissioned), but some are producing assets that can be resold to other EP companies.

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