What is Calgary's population and how is it distributed?

  • Fuzeium has received numerous requests to depict Calgary's (Alberta, Canada)  population in relation to communities.
  • Information of this nature is useful to marketers/advertisers, city planners, developers, non-profits, real estate, economic development etc.


  • Fuzeium took its familiar approach of framing the dashboards with a question, supported by an explanation and visuals.
  • The primary source of the information is the Calgary census for 2017.


  • Calgary has over 1.23 million people, spread across over 240 communities.
  • Panorama Hills not only has the highest population but has a high density with 3.24 people per household.
  • The Beltline has 5951 dwellings per sq km. and are mostly occupied by renters.
  • There were 6534 dwellings under construction at the time of the 2017 Census, most of which were in the downtown area.


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