Learn From Our Experience:

  • We enable data-driven decision through interactive dashboards
  • We use Microsoft Power BI
  • We emphasize a method that logically breaks down the steps
  • We are based in Calgary, Alberta Canada

Dealing with data, analytics, dashboards, governance etc. is challenging

Our Approach Creates a "..path to clarity through the chaos..."

Fuzeium's Insight from Data Approach is Question-Led

  • We encourage a question-led approach to generate insight from data
  • This helps focus the effort and make good use of resources
  • We employ a simple framework that is commonly used in data analytics
Fuzeium's Question-led Approach

Fuzeium's 11 Step Insight from Data - Workflow

  • Data analytics is often messy and iterative, so this workflow can serve as a guide
  • We begin by uncovering a key question of interest for the customer
  • We end with a narrative explaining how the dashboard’s insights address the question
Fuzeium's 11 Step Insight from Data Process

Fuzeium's Insight from Data - Percent of Effort

  • It is commonly understood that 80-90% of a data analytics initiative is in managing the data
  • A smaller portion of the effort pertains to the visual / interpretation layer--that's where the insight comes together
  • The Integration step is where the data model is built.
Fuzeium's 11 Step Insight from Data Process & Percent of Effort

Fuzeium's Insight from Data - Skills Arch

  • We display the main skills as an arch. The red keystone, which is the business domain knowledge, holds the arch together
  • The left side of the arch is more technical; the right side less so
  • The right-side narrative is very important in terms of explaining how the analysis of data has led to insight
Fuzeium's 11 Step Insight from Data Process

Presentations in Calgary:

  • Fuzeium periodically gives open learning sessions in Calgary
  • They are typically advertised through Eventbrite
  • Fuzeium's services are tailored to the customer

Microsoft Power BI Online Resources:

Data Science & Analytics Post-secondary Programs in Canada:

Fuzeium's dashboard platform and expertise are largely based on Microsoft's Power BI and Microsoft Azure Cloud.