Is the Number of Alberta Inactive Wells Growing?

Yes, the number of Alberta Inactive Wells has grown by 3,439 between May 2016 to Jan 29, 2017.

Fuzeium has been looking at the Inactive Well List published daily by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)  and has been tracking the the changes.   From the graph below, one can see the yellow bar starts with 79,574 Inactives, which is then followed by increases and decreases until netting out at 83,013.

In quoting the number for Inactive Wells,  we recommend using phrases like, “it was about, or it was approximately, 83,000 at the end of Jan 2017”.

Definition and Interpretation:  

  • An *Inactive Well ” according to Directive 13, has not reported any volumetric activity in the last year for normal wells and in the last 6 months for critical sour gas wells.
  • Some of the Inactive Wells at any point in time can be re-activated to produce gas and oil.  No stats of that nature are offered in our analysis.

Note: Orphan Wells  are usually Inactive Wells too and occur when the producer / operator (the well licencee) has become defunct.  We have a separate post explaining that number.

To interact with the specific dashboard above and see the values change, please see this link. To see numerous other dashboards on the subject, please see this link.