It’s So Much More Than a Petroleum Show…

With a theme of developing a leaner and cleaner industry, the SPARX Pitch Competition finalists (at the 2017 Global Petroleum Show) are diverse. They include companies with the ability to improve extraction of oil & gas; reduce emissions;  develop geothermal energy; harness solar energy; gain market intelligence; efficiently acquire services; collaborate with data visualization; improve pipeline integrity. We at Fuzeium are proud to be one of the finalists.

The 13 participants in alphabetical order are:

Patented thermal desorption technology

Blair Air
Air Compressor / Injection Pump for SWEET and SOUR well sites

Borealis Power
Canoe Reach Geothermal Project: The next generation of renewable energy

Finis Energy
The Most Efficient & Cost-EffectiveSolar Power Roof System

Fuzeium Innovations Inc.
Gain Alberta Oil & Gas Market Intelligence Through Online Data Dashboards

Shaping a Sustainable Future

Clean water, clean industry.  Powered by light.

Test reservoir properties for each stage individually with one trip in the well

For energy service and equipment rentals

RNG International Ltd
Natural gas dehydration systems

Steambooster Technologies
Superheating Steam for SAGD Operations

Geospatial data visualization

Zeel GIS
Helps energy companies tackle their pipeline integrity challenges

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