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Learn to Enable Data-Driven Decisions with Power BI–> The Jr. Oil Co. Case

Calgary, Alberta Canada

The same seminar offered on three different days.
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April 18, 2019    2:30-4:00pm in-person, amphitheater, seminar

May 23, 2019    2:30-4:00pm in-person, amphitheater, seminar

June 27, 2019    2:30-4:00pm in-person, amphitheater, seminar

Fuzeium oil and gas business case with Power BI

The Iceberg Analogy

Insight From Data Dashboards: A big chunk of the work pertains to the data itself, and when it’s done well, a small portion of the effort pertains to the visual layer.

11 Steps to Generate Insight From Data Using Visual Dashboards

11 steps to generate insight from data using visual dashboards. Data analytics is often messy and iterative, so this workflow can serve as a guide. We begin by uncovering a key question of interest for the customer. We end with a narrative explaining how the dashboard’s insights address the question. This workflow is not dependent on any one technology, though at Fuzeium we use Microsoft Power BI (and an assortment of other tools).

Masters Degrees May Suggest Maturity of a Tech Ecosystem

The count of Masters degrees with program titles related to Data Science and Analytics may suggest the maturity of a tech ecosystem…and where large tech companies are more likely to invest.

In compiling a list of post-secondary programs across Canada, we see that both (the provinces of) BC and Ontario have several Masters’ level programs that reference “Data”, “Data Science”, or “Analytics”.   By comparison, Alberta currently has no Masters level programs identified as such.

Interestingly, Toronto, Ontario has made it on the shortlist of Amazon’s bid competition for its second head office in North America.  And Vancouver, BC just announced that Amazon will generate 3,000 new jobs in that city related to e-commerce, cloud and machine learning.

These profiles below help compare the 3 provinces.  They are derived from a data dashboard on the subject. Feel free to take a look and explore for yourself.

Pertaining to Data Science and Analytics Programs in Canada – April 2018:

Alberta:   0 Masters Programs

British Columbia (BC):   4 Masters Programs

Ontario:   8 Masters Programs

When you interact with the dashboard, it looks like this: